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Nemer Nicolas SAMAHA - Khenchara
Nemer Nicolas SAMAHA - Khenchara
SAMAHA Family Tree website is the collected results from several persons' family research during several years but is not a finished or complete work: New persons and data are continually added because the research continues and I have more material to add.
I did all my best to gather as much information as possible about the SAMAHA's from all over the world, daily updates are taking place in this tree, some branches are still missing, if you would like to contribute in building our Family Tree please contact us by email or fill & submit your data by clicking on Submit Your Details after logging-in.
You are very welcome to study the results of our research but there are some limitations if you are not logged-in (i.e. not registered in our family tree) - read more in our privacy policy in the bottom-most page footer.
If you are related to someone in our family tree (also very distant) you are welcome to apply for a user account, and in that way help our family tree to grow. The account is of course for free. When you get a user account, all parts of the site related to your branch that you currently cannot see, will be open to you, for example all kinds of data, photos and documents. Tell us who you are related to and describe in what way and how you can show it, and you will receive a prompt reply.

The purpose of our website is:
* Partly to collect as much data as possible about our families at one place and make it available for our relatives and the coming generations.
* Partly to make contact with relatives by showing enough material to make it easy to see if one belongs in our family tree and by that we can make the tree grow as far and wide as possible.
NOTE! Only persons who themselves have a real connection to our family tree, and thus can, and are also willing to, be placed in there, can be granted a user account.

Nicolas M. Samaha
Jouar website & Online Family Tree Founder
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If you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please CONTACT US. We look forward to hearing from you.

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10 Jan 2017 - New upgrade and features have been incorporated including the French language.

01 June 2015 - Relationship Charts and Relationship Calculator have been added, check the above More Links Menu.

22 April 2015 - New SSL Certificate to allow secure connections, data transfer and logins, grant public viewing access to the site statistics, places, reports, surnames, most wanted and what's new information.

23 January 2015 - New Domain to the family tree, all previous links are still directed to the new domain, our database reached 4,640 names

08 April 2014 - Added Tweety Bird and Relationship under the name, The Family Tree reached 4,582 names

22 Sep 2013 - The Family Tree reached 4,350 names

17 May 2012 - A Guestbook has been added, you can access it by clicking on the More Menu above

11 May 2012 - New Calculated Age field has been added

11 May 2012 - New upgrades, RED Color coding has been added to Living Individuals and BLUE color to Private Individuals, Adding link below the Individual name and the page menu to make it easy to upload / submit photo or documents

24 Jan 2012 - Added Electronic form to ease your feedback updates, click on Submit Family OR Download Form on the left

18 Jan 2012 - Added the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

17 Jan 2012 - Added a new form to submit your family details to the administrator, click Submit Family on the left

25 Dec 2010 - Put years and years of work into my family research.